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  1. Power Punch Pink Aqua Punching Bag
    Power Punch Pink Aqua Punching Bag

    Men and women; boys and girls; fitness enthusiasts and professional boxers: stimulate your fighting spirit with the new Power Punch Pink Aqua Training Bag! No matter what your expertise level is, you can up your game and intensify your training sessions with this sensationally colored bag - because real champs rock pink!

  2. Home Starter Pack - 15" 75lb. Punching Bag & Accessories
    Home Starter Pack - 15" 75lb. Punching Bag & Accessories

    Next level home workouts and crushing your goals are now within striking distance! When you’re in the mood to knock out some rounds and train hard, your 15” 75lb Aqua Training Bag will be readily available for intense workout sessions any time of the day, anywhere in your home. Combine it with your other Aqua Training Bag Home Starter Pack equipment and bring your A Game – getting fit right in your own space starts now!

  3. 21" 190lb Punching Bag
    21" 190lb Punching Bag

    At 21 inches and 190 pounds, this is our largest Aqua Heavy Bag. The unique teardrop shape allows you to deliver powerful combinations, including deep uppercuts. Your energy is absorbed, giving you the ability to train harder and longer. Don’t take it easy on this bag – it can handle it and so can you! Seriously, take this water heavy bag on with any hit, or kick combo you can muster up. The commercial-grade, vinyl composition will ensure durability and less wear and tear on your joints. Say goodbye to the underwhelming settling and hard spots you once had to deal with on your traditional heavy bag. This is the “heavy bag of the future!”

  4. 18" 120lb Punching Bag
    18" 120lb Punching Bag

    Are you ready to break loose on our second-largest teardrop shaped Aqua Punching Bag? At 18 inches and 120 pounds, you don’t have to hold back on jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercuts or whatever else you have up your sleeve like you would a traditional shaped punching bag. Throw down any combos and be sure to add kicks for an all-encompassing workout! Best for fitness and fight training; beginners and pros.

  5. 15" 75lb Punching Bag
    15" 75lb Punching Bag

    Want to turn up your fitness with a full-body workout? You’re in the right place. The only other things you’ll need with this fitness boxing bag are a great place to hang it and your willingness to pack powerful boxing fitness routines. Hang your 75lbs. Fitness Boxing Bag in your home gym, basement, outdoors, or all of the above. Weighing only 75 pounds when filled with water, it is easy to hang and easy to move from place to place if you would need to.

  6. 12" 35lb Head Hunter Slip Ball
    12" 35lb Head Hunter Slip Ball

    The 12″ Head Hunter, a slip ball, punching bag hybrid is one of our classics for fighters– and for good reason. The 12″ Head Hunter is compact, and it’s training goes beyond slipping. You can get in all your punches, kicks, and elbows and all with more realistic movement.

  7. 9" 15lb Head Hunter Slip Ball
    9" 15lb Head Hunter Slip Ball

    Called the Head Hunter for it’s head-sized resemblance, this slip ball, punching bag hybrid is a must-have for any fighter in training. Although small, it can handle all levels of power. Use this punching bag hybrid to time your hits and blocks and to improve your power punches. It will swing gracefully or erratically based on the way you hit it or your trainer moves it on you. It is most certainly a necessary training tool to have in your arsenal to perfect your timing, and slipping.

  8. Aqua Bruiser Bag - 150 lbs.
    Aqua Bruiser Bag - 150 lbs.

    This is the body bag of all body opponent bags! The human punching bag was created to mimic the size of a 6'1" male's upper body; shoulders, chest, torso. The Aqua Bruiser Bag allows you to perform both head and body strikes with more realistic combo training and movement. Look forward to more surface space and angles, to upgrade your boxing, fitness training and self-defense training. To keep realistic movement, purchase the body bag as is. If you are looking for less movement, and to keep it more restrained, add the Aqua Bruiser Bag Stabilizer Harness

    *NEW** Buy the Bruiser Bag Stabilizer Harness  

    *Only Available in Haymaker Black*

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