Which Aqua Training Bags Are Right For Your Gym?

Ready to kick overplayed workout routines? Aqua Training Bags can inspire and improve your workouts! Finding the perfect Aqua Training Bags to replace your old punching bags and heavy bags, is as easy as picking a size and color that fits your home or gym. From the 9” Head Hunter in Fireball Orange to the 21” in Bad Boy Blue, you’re sure to find the ideal boxing bag.


Why Gyms Are Converting To Aqua Training Bags

Gyms around the world are giving up traditional heavy bag workouts after they hit the Aqua Training Bag. Whether it’s because our bag offers less joint pain on impact, more positive resistance, the ability to hit a bag longer, or the quick and easy setup. tThere’s one thing that’s certain: it’s taking the fitness world by storm.

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or looking to take your workout to the next level, Aqua Training Bags can get you there. Filled with H20 and covered by a high-quality commercial grade, vinyl skin,  Aqua Training Bags can take anything you throw at them – literally. Try one and find out how the Aqua Training Bag can transform your workout starting from day one.

What People Are Saying About Aqua Training Bag…

“Since I was 8, this is the best punch bag I’ve ever trained on. It’s great for fitness and power, and a must for every gym.”

Darren Watson Former Manchester and Cheshire 1st Kyu Judo Champion

“I think it’s the best bag ever”

Bermane StiverneFormer WBC Heavyweight Champion

“I can no longer train on a traditional heavy bag due to injuries I sustained two months ago while training. The Aqua Punching Bag allows me to train again. I love this new product.”

Brandon R. Member

“I can throw power shots all day! This bag rocks!”

John P.Member

“Not only was this bag one of the best punching bags I’ve ever hit, but after 3 rounds of banging it up, I was bodied. From that point on, I said I have to have that bag in my place.”

Ahmik "Banger" BryantOwner X-Fit Boxing

“3 rounds on this bag is like 6 on a regular bag. Double the work and less wear and tear on your joints.”

Solbox Fighting Club

“Training on the Aqua Punching Bag is no joke.”

Tom MMember

“This bag really makes me work much harder than a regular bag. My punches and kicks really dig into the bag. I am going to order two more of these.”

Roy J.MMA Fitness Gym Owner

“The 21″ Aqua Punching bag has help Ansley (female boxer) gain power and speed. When we stepped up the competition she was right in the fight with a girl 12 pounds heavier than her. The best punching bag on the planet!”

Chad Holloway Blades Total Boxing Gym, Louisiana USA

“I swear, I used an old fashioned bag today for half of my workout, Immediately afterwards hopped on an Aqua Bag and genuinely felt an insane difference! I feel like the bag really helps my form. I can feel my shots pop and sting or dig and drive on my punches. The bounce on the bad is perfect helping me bring hands back to my face. Also the shape and rubber on the bag help me stick my uppercuts and overhangs at perfect angles! Honestly nothing but great things to say about it. Amazing piece of equipment great to see someone really change the game with this.”

Joel Vasquez Class Instructor / Personal Trainer at CKO Kickboxing Sheepshead BAY, Brooklyn NY

“The bags are awesome, best bags ever purchased. Gym members loving it. The video shows one of my fighters using it and he loves it. Thanks again for everything. I will order some more and will let you know. Cheers”

Fili Maka Wellsford Boxing Sport & Fitness Club Inc Wellsford, New Zealand