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Training solutions for home fitness, gyms and professionals  

Several styles of Aqua bags are available: Tear Drop Bags, Slip Ball Bags, Home Fitness Boxing Bags, Training Bags, Heavy Bags, Bruiser Bags and more.

Take your training to the next level with our Aqua Training Bag® Sensor and App. You’ll be able to track every workout with real-time data sent straight to your phone.

Our stands, hanging kits and mounts,  are specially designed to work with Aqua Training Bags.

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Why Water?

You’ll be amazed when you feel the difference after throwing that first punch on your water-filled bag and wonder why you were ever using a hard, outdated, traditional bag in the first place. Aqua Training Bag® harnesses the power of water through simplicity and innovation. By utilizing water, in place of sand or other materials commonly used to fill heavy bags, we were able to create the ideal training tool.

Better data. Better workout. Better you.

Create a personalized profile, track your daily activity and your workouts, while the sensor provides real-time data to help you measure your speed, force, and progress over time.

When paired with the Aqua Training Bag, the Aqua Training Bag Sensor lets you workout smarter and get the most bang for each and every workout.

Works exclusively with the 21”, 18” and 15” Aqua Training Bags.

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Our Aqua Training Bag Sensor & App take your training to the next level.

Link to your smartphone

Track your workouts

Round by round analytics

Bulk Purchasing & Wholesale Orders

All Aqua Training Bags are available for wholesale/bulk pricing to eligible retailers, gyms, clubs and more.

Check out our gym starter packs or customize your order with bulk quantity discounts on select bags and accessories (see product pages for details).  US orders ship FREE! For bulk orders shipping outside the US, use our International Bulk Order Form.

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