Filling and Draining Aqua Training Bags

How to fill an Aqua Training Bag?

  1. Hang your Aqua Training Bag® before filling.
  2. First remove plug with a #2 screw driver, or a penny.
  3. Ensure that the plug is removed from the hole. At times the rubber part may get stuck within your Aqua Training Bag®. If it does, be sure to remove it, and then reconnect it to the hard piece of the plug.
  4. Connect the filling nozzle to hose.
  5. Begin filling with, and fill to desired hardness/softness of Aqua Training Bag®.
    1. NOTE: The more water you fill your Aqua Training Bag® with the harder it will be, let out some water if you desire a bit of a softer hit.
  6. If you have filled to your desired amount and there are “wrinkles” top it off with air. You can do this with an inflation needle that pumps up a soccer ball or football, all with keeping the plug inside your Aqua Training Bag. Our black plugs can accommodate the inflation needles.
  7. Visit our YouTube channel to see a video on how to fill your Aqua Training Bag: How to Fill your Aqua Training Bag

How much do Aqua Training Bags weigh when filled?

  1. 21″ 190lbs Aqua Heavy Bag: 190 pounds – 86 Kilograms
  2. 18″ 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag: 120 pounds – 55 Kilograms
  3. 15″ 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag: 75 pounds –  34 Kilograms
  4. 12″ 35lbs Head Hunter: 35 LBS –  16 Kilograms
  5. 9″ 15lbs Head Hunter: 15 LBS –  6.8 Kilograms

How many liters does it take to fill an Aqua Training Bag?

  1. 21″ 190lbs Aqua Heavy Bag: Approximately 75 Liters – About 20 Gallons
  2. 18″ 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag: Approximately 55 Liters – 14 ½ Gallons
  3. 15″ 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag: Approximately 30 Liters – About 8 Gallons
  4. 12″ 35lbs Head Hunter: Approximately 12 Liters – About 3 Gallons
  5. 9″ 15lbs Head Hunter: Approximately 5 Liters – Just over 1 Gallon

How to drain an Aqua Training Bag:

To drain an Aqua Bag, you will want to ensure it is no longer hanging. It will be best to put it on the ground outside or in the shower or bathtub.  You then need to unscrew and remove the plug, and then push/squeeze the water out. Go ahead, put your body into it.

Hanging Aqua Training Bags

Do Aqua Training Bags come with chains to hang it?

No, Aqua Training Bags do not come with hanging chains. Hanging chains are sold separately.  All Aqua Training Bags come with 1 custom-sized shackle.

How far apart should you hang Aqua Training Bags in a group setting?

3-4 feet between each Aqua Training Bag is optimal room for each user in a group setting.

How high should you hang Aqua Training Bags in a group setting?

  • It is best to figure out your average height of users/members. Hang the Aqua Training Bag so the equator hits 5′ 2″ as a starting point.
  • Another option would be to hang your bags at different heights, especially if the range of heights of your members is dramatic.

Can Aqua Training Bags be used outdoors?

Yes, Aqua Training Bags can be used outdoors. They are waterproof and are made with UV resistance. Just be careful if you live in a colder climate, the water in your Aqua Training Bag will freeze in correlating temperatures. One word: ouch.

Do I need a mount or heavy bag stand?

It is 100% up to you whether you want a permanent or free-standing solution.

What type of heavy bag stand do I need?

The NEW Aqua Punching Bag Stand by Aqua Training Bag holds all and sizes of Aqua Training Bags with ease. If you go a different route, you will want to ensure the heavy bag stand you have, or plan to purchase, can accommodate at least the weight of the punching bag you want to hang on it.


  1. For a 21″ 190lbs Aqua Heavy Bag:  The punching bag stand must have the ability to hold at least 190 pounds.
  2. 18″ 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag:  Needs the ability to hold at least 120 pounds.
  3. 15″ 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag:  Needs the ability to hold at least 75 pounds.
  4. 12″ 35lbs Head Hunter:  Needs the ability to hold at least 35 pounds.
  5. 9″ 15lbs Head Hunter:  Needs the ability to hold at least 15 pounds.

Do you manufacture custom racks and mounting options?

No, but our good friends at www.promountings.com do and their products are TOP quality and super sleek.

Other Aqua Training Bag Questions

Will Aqua Training Bags freeze if the temps drop below freezing?

Yes, they will absolutely freeze and no amount of padding in a glove will save you from the pain of hitting a block of ice. So please do not try! OUCH!

Sensor for Aqua Training Bag Questions

Is the punch force measured as pound per square inch, if I see 563?

Strikes are not measured in pounds per inch. The measurement is true force. For example, if you were to lay on the ground and then someone placed a 50-pound weight on your chest, that heavy sensation you are experiencing is the ‘true force’ of the weight pushing down on you.

When the Sensor application registers “100 pounds of force,” this is the user's ability to deliver that level of force. Of course, there are several factors that we must consider when measuring force:

  1. Body weight
  2. Skill level
  3. Surface of the hand/glove
  4. Strength

Shipping Aqua Training Bags

Do Aqua Training Bags ship filled or unfilled?

All Aqua Training Bags ship unfilled to save you cost on shipping.

When will I receive my Aqua Training Bag?

Aqua Training Bag items may ship within 2 days as long as we have items in stock.

How much is US standard shipping?

FREE shipping is included on all orders within the contiguous United States - even on bulk orders! International orders and orders from other US States and Territories will have shipping rates calcuated at checkout. For bulk orders shipping outside the contiguous US, please use our International Bulk Order Form.

Can Aqua Training Bags be shipped internationally?

We can ship to almost everywhere in the world. Chances are very good that we can ship to you! A quick search of retailers in your area may reveal Aqua Training Bags near you! Please note, bulk orders (10 or more Aqua Training Bags) shipping outside of the contiguous US will need to be processed using the International Bulk Order Form.