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Our Gym Combo packs and bundles are designed to give you the best value and allow you to offer your members the best Aqua Training Bag experience.

Check out our gym starter packs or customize your order with bulk quantity discounts on select bags and accessories (see product pages for details).  US orders ship FREE! For bulk orders shipping outside the US, use our International Bulk Order Form.


Trusted by top boxing and MMA professionals, the Aqua Training Bag delivers the powerful workout that boxers and mixed martial artists need. Made with a cutting-edge performance blend that’s designed to mimic the real thing, the Aqua Training Bag absorbs powerful jabs and punches better than traditional sand-filled punching bags, protecting the body, so professional fighters can stay at peak performance levels.  


The Aqua Training Bag was designed to provide maximum performance workouts at all levels of physical ability. The Aqua Training Bag’s unique performance blend provides a high intensity, low impact workout. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, Aqua Training Bags are perfect for amateurs and professionals, small groups and large classes – ask about our bundle package offers and give every body their best workout yet with the Aqua Training Bag.


Top performance gym equipment makes all the difference. Aqua Training Bags turn group workouts into dynamic training sessions, loaded with high intensity moves all while maintaining minimal impact on hands, wrists and joints. Fitness classes can enjoy the life-changing benefits of an Aqua Training Bag and experience the advantages of its punch-absorbentwater-filled core. Aqua Training Bags are available in multiple shapes and sizes and can be ordered in bulk to meet the needs of your gym. Take your gym to the next level and give every body their best workout.  


Training should make the body stronger, not weaker. The Aqua Training Bag delivers the power of a high intensity workout but minimizes joint stress with the shock-absorbing quality of water. The Aqua Training Bag’s low impact design better protects hands, wrists and joints compared to traditional sand-filled punching bags. Peak performance begins with quality equipment. Discover the better boxing experience that only an Aqua Training Bag can provide. 


Known for its innovative shock-absorbing performance blend, Aqua Training Bag’s water-filled core provides a low impact workout that better protects the body from joint damage compared to traditional sand-filled punching bags. Designed to accommodate all levels of ability, the Aqua Training Bag is ushering in a new era of boxing, providing a more absorbent, lower impact punching bag that feels like the real thing. Contact us to find out how your university, college or institution can give every body a better, safer, stronger, more effective workout. 

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