The Aqua Training Bag® Replacement Fill Kit

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  • Kit Includes: One Fill Nozzle & One Aqua Plug
  • Crucial for Filling and Inflating Your Aqua Training Bag
  • Only Fits on Authentic Aqua Training Bags

About This Product

About the Aqua Training Bag® Replacement Fill Kit

The Aqua Training Bag® Replacement Fill Kit includes a hose filling nozzle and an extra plug. It is crucial to filling and inflating your Aqua Training Bag® . The kit only fits on authentic Aqua Training Bags, and definitely not on those under par knockoffs. We know that things happen.  So if you have misplaced your original kit that came with your Aquabag have no fear, we now have them available for purchase!

The Importance of Filling Your Aqua Training Bag® Correctly

Your Aqua Training Bag® should be plentiful and round. Otherwise, the "wrinkles" you see will become danger zones for your bag. Those "wrinkles" will take too much continued force and eventually weaken your Aquabag.  To enhance the life and longevity, a combination of mostly water, and a tiny bit of air can keep your Aqua Training Bag® healthy for years to come.

How to Fill Your Aqua Training Bag® the Right Way

To fill your Aqua Training Bag® in the most correct fashion, you will want ensure sure your bag is at room temperature, or warmer, before filling. A cold bag will seriously resist expansion making it more difficult to fill with water thank you will like. It is also helpful (but not required) to inflate the bag with air to expand the cavity before filling with water. That is just an extra step to keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay. Having a buddy to help makes the process much easier, however, it can be done! First, remove the fill plug from the Aqua Training Bag® using a #2 Phillips head screw driver, or a coin. Second, attach the sweeper nozzle to a garden hose. Then insert the end of the nozzle into the fill hole and slowly turn on the water to fill the bag. Remember not to hold the nozzle too tight to the opening as air must be allowed to escape through the same passageway as it fills. Shut off the water supply as soon as the water reaches the top (it helps to have a buddy). Insert the screw plug and tighten. Then insert an inflation needle and top off with air until there aren't any "wrinkles" present. This is necessary to prolong the life of your Aquabag.

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