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  1. ATB
    18" 120lb Aqua Punching Bag – Global Series x Ireland

    This limited-edition 18” 120lb Ireland Bag was created to honor the grit that athletes from the island bring to the gym and the unity that boxing can bring to communities. Whether you’re looking for your first bag or you’re looking to add to your collection, this is one you won’t want to miss.

  2. Aqua Punching Bag Stand
    Aqua Punching Bag Stand

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    Specially designed for Aqua Training Bags of any size, this stand also holds any traditional style heavy bag up to 200 pounds — twice as much as most stands. Its wide stance lets you move left to right as you train and provides plenty of space for the bag to swing.

  3. Sensor for Aqua Training Bag®
    Sensor for Aqua Training Bag®

    Get ready for a workout experience unlike any other. When paired with the Aqua Training Bag®, the Aqua Training Bag Sensor gives you the most bang for each and every workout. Measure your progress over time as the Sensor provides real-time data and transparency allowing you to maximize your output each time you step into the ring.

    ATB Sensor is compatible with 15”, 18”, and 21” bags only

  4. Aqua Bruiser Bag - 150 lbs.
    Aqua Bruiser Bag - 150 lbs.

    Get the most realistic human punching bag Aqua Training Bag® offers — the water-filled, 150 lb. Aqua Bruiser Bag® that is shaped like a 6’1” male upper body. Unlike other opponent bags, it swings slightly to add realistic movement to your training as you target the head and body with punches and kicks.

Showing 4 items

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