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Mounting & Hanging

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  1. Aqua Punching Bag Stand
    Aqua Punching Bag Stand

    The Aqua Punching Bag Stand was specially designed to accommodate the teardrop shape of Aqua Training Bags but can hold any traditional style heavy bag as well.

    • FREE SHIPPING to the contiguous USA.
    • The Aqua Punching Bag Stand was specially designed to accommodate the teardrop shape of Aqua Training Bags but can hold any traditional style heavy bag as well.
    • Strong enough to hold even the heaviest punching bags, up to 200 lbs.
    • Allows more room behind the bag for bag movement.
    • Wide stance design allows you to move left and right during your workout.
    • Simple 6 bolt assembly, takes only minutes to assemble.
    • Includes 4 high quality, heavy-duty, vinyl sand bags (unfilled).
    • Stands 7' 6" tall and easily fits in an 8' ceiling, in most basements.
    • Aqua Punching Bag & hanging chain are not included.
  2. Aqua Bruiser Stabilizer Harness
    Aqua Bruiser Stabilizer Harness

    Some like the movement of the Bruiser Bag, but others do not. Have no fear, the solution is here! Add the Bruiser Stabilizer Harness to your Aqua Bruiser Bag to minimize that movement. It was designed to allow a thorough workout by minimizing the swinging and twisting of your Bruiser Bag. After the initial installation, the Bruiser Bag Stabilizer can hook on and off quickly and easily so you can change up the movement, and your workout with ease.

  3. CM-1000GS Ceiling Mount
    CM-1000GS Ceiling Mount

    The CM-1000GS Ceiling Mount for Punching Bags reduces the vibration and noise of your punching bag workout incredibly. This ceiling mount can be perfectly paired with both sizes of Aqua Head Hunters, as well as the 15" 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag and/or the 18" 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag with ease.

    *This mount ships from a separate location.*

  4. CM-2000GS Ceiling Mount
    CM-2000GS Ceiling Mount

    The CM-2000GS Ceiling Mount is the top vibration and sound absorbing solution for punching bags on the market. This brilliantly engineered ceiling mount includes gas spring technology that blocks the vibration from your hits and kicks from traveling up your joists or concrete.

    *This mount ships from a separate location.*

  5. IB-110R I-Beam Roller Mount
    IB-110R I-Beam Roller Mount

    The IBeam Roller Mount is an adjustable, rolling or fixed mounting system that connects directly to your I-beam. It installs very quickly, only in minutes! Once installed you can lock the mount into position, or move it across the beam to roll it out of the way while not in use. It fits I-beams between 4.5" and 7" wide and accommodates heavy bags up to 250lbs.

    *This mount ships from a separate location.*

  6. IB-1100 I-Beam Mount
    IB-1100 I-Beam Mount

    The IBeam Mount for heavy bags is a fixed mount that can be installed on I-Beams between 4-6 inches in width. The precisely engineered mount can easily accommodate heavy bags up to 260 pounds in weight.

    *This mount ships from a separate location.*

  7. RM-1000 Rafter Mount
    RM-1000 Rafter Mount

    The RM-1000 Rafter Mount was designed to absorb vibration and noise for Punching Bags weighing up to 200 pounds. Each hit and kick to your heavy bag is absorbed by the compressed spring inside the rafter mount. The spring ultimately stops the vibration from continuing up the floor joist so you can continue to workout and train without worry.

    *This mount, as well all mounts we sell, ship from a separate location.*


    The heavy bag hanging kit was designed especially for Aqua Punching Bags. The integrated swivel ensures that the chain will not twist during your workout. It is lightweight, only weighing in at 4 pounds, so it will not add extra unwanted weight to your ceiling, rack system, wall mount or heavy bag stand.  

    Weight Allowance: Can hold heavy bags up to 200 lbs.

    Length: 3' 9" long.   In addition to Aqua Training Bags, the Aqua Heavy Bag Hanging Kits can be used on traditional heavy bags as well.

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