Heavy Bag Gym 4-Pack

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This Heavy Punching Bag Gym Package is the real deal. Whether you are looking to equip training fighters in your boxing club, or supply heavy bags for your group boxing classes, these are the best heavy bags for the job.

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Heavy Bag Gym 4-Pack
Heavy Bag Gym 4-Pack

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    About This Product

    The Aqua Heavy Bag Gym Package includes four of our two heaviest water punching bags. All with a nice discount thrown in! This Heavy Punching Bag Gym Package is no joke. Whether you are replacing your current traditional heavy bags, adding to, or starting your collection, you’ve made the right choice. Aqua Heavy Bags and Aqua Punching Bags give users of all levels the ability to deliver any type of hit, kick or combo. Your members will be happy as the weight and water, combined with the teardrop shape keeps these heavy bags from swinging all over the place, unlike traditional bags or other types of water punching bags.

    These Aqua bags have a very realistic feel which provides an ideal training solution. They are also very durable and long lasting, composed of material that will take any punishment. Made to last.

    Quick Tip: Hang these heavy bags BEFORE filling – unless you’ve been seriously killing your lifting game. Just kidding – ask for help or hang before filling because once these bad boys are filled, they weigh 120 and 190 pounds.

    What You Get with the Gym Package

    • 2 – 21″ 190 lbs Aqua Heavy Bags
    • 2 – 18″ 120 lbs Aqua Punching Bags
    • Filling Nozzle & Stoppers
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty

    Aqua Training Bag Colors: 

    Haymaker Black

    Fireball Orange

    Blood Red

    Bad Boy Blue

    Black Eye

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