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#AquaBagSensor Tech Talk

While Aqua Training Bags® are stellar products on their own, with 4.5-star reviews, our ultimate goal was to create the first-ever smart-bag. After three years of research and development, we're excited to launch our sensor technology. The Sensor for Aqua Training Bag® and smartphone application is a new tool for pro trainers to develop high-profile fighters and champions. Dan Palacios, Owner & Founder of Kinetic Training, uses it to build on his existing training programs. Aqua Bag sensor technology sets us apart from imitation aqua bags — revolutionizing how you train on a heavy-bag 

If you're not assessing, your guessing. 
The data don’t lie. 
Prepare for the truth. 
Keeps you accountable. 
Make every punch count. 

Our tech measures and displays punch count, punch force, calories burned, max power, frequency — providing multiple graphs that track your progress. The built-in reports can be managed and shared across social media. See what our fans are sharing below! 

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