The best value heavy punch bag in the USA

✔️ Train harder for longer

🥊 Feels like striking a real opponent

💧 Teardrop shape perfect for all types of punches

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Why Aqua Training Bag?


Bags ship unfilled, so they are lighter and less expensive to ship than traditional sand-filled bags.


Our water-filled bags mean no more hard spots often found in sand-filled heavy bags - lose the duct tape patches!


Our bags help users train longer and harder without the risk of injury or pain. No more holding back to avoid injuring knuckles and joints.


The composition of our bag creates a sensation similar to striking a real human body – ideal for professional boxers and MMA fighters.


Aqua Training Bags can be filled and drained within minutes, plus you can control how hard or soft your bag is by simply adding more or less water.


Make the change


  1. Hang your Aqua Training Bag® before filling.
  2. First remove plug with a #2 screw driver, or a penny.
  3. Ensure that the plug is removed from the hole. At times the rubber part may get stuck within your Aqua Training Bag®. If it does, be sure to remove it, and then reconnect it to the hard piece of the plug.
  4. Connect the filling nozzle to hose.
  5. Begin filling with, and fill to desired hardness/softness of Aqua Training Bag®.
  6. If you have filled to your desired amount and there are “wrinkles” top it off with air. You can do this with an inflation needle that pumps up a soccer ball or football, all with keeping the plug inside your Aqua Training Bag. Our black plugs can accommodate the inflation needles.
  7. Visit our YouTube channel to see a video on how to fill your Aqua Training Bag: How to Fill your Aqua Training Bag
  1. 21″ 190lbs Aqua Heavy Bag: 190 pounds – 86 Kilograms
  2. 18″ 120lbs Aqua Punching Bag: 120 pounds – 55 Kilograms
  3. 15″ 75lbs Aqua Boxing Bag: 75 pounds –  34 Kilograms
  4. 12″ 35lbs Head Hunter: 35 LBS –  16 Kilograms
  5. 9″ 15lbs Head Hunter: 15 LBS –  6.8 Kilograms

No, Aqua Training Bags do not come with hanging chains. Hanging chains are sold separately here  All Aqua Training Bags come with 1 custom-sized shackle.

Yes, Aqua Training Bags can be used outdoors. They are waterproof and are made with UV resistance. Just be careful if you live in a colder climate, the water in your Aqua Training Bag will freeze in correlating temperatures. One word: ouch.

It is 100% up to you whether you want a permanent or free-standing solution. We have many different options available depending on where you intend to use it. Check out the full range here