How do YOU Workout with the Aqua Punching Bag?

Contest Rules and Information:

Film a 30 sec-1 minute video of how you work out with Aqua Punching bag! We wanna see any and all the ways you use the bag.

You could be at home, at the gym, at work.. wherever, whenever!

Upload the video to your own Facebook timeline, and tag Aqua Punching Bag in the post. (This link will take you directly to our Facebook page, so you know who to tag in your post)

Upload as many videos as you can, every day, every week, every other day.. etc! There is no limit!

The top 3 contestants with the most video uploads will win the prizes listed below:

  • 1st prize winner: 21″ Aqua Head Hunter, 12″ Aqua Head Hunter, one Aqua Punching bag Banner
  • 2nd prize winner: 18″ Aqua Head Hunter, 12″ Aqua Head Hunter
  • 3rd prize winner: 12″ and 9″ Aqua Head Hunter

Contest ends at 8pm on October 16th, 2015!

Winner will be announced after the GGG fight on October 17th, 2015!


Contest updates will be provided weekly on our Facebook! Don’t forget to Like and Share if you haven’t already!