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Ashley Claycomb

  1. Boxing for Fitness

    Boxing for Fitness

    Boxing isn’t just for the advanced athletes and fighters of the world. In recent years, boxing for fitness has gained popularity as an excellent way to stay healthy, improve body composition, and actually enjoy your workout. While boxing as a sport may require advanced athletic prowess, fitness boxing let’s the average gym-goer or fitness newbie hone the same skills professionals utilize, without having to stand in the way of a punch. Boxing has become the workout choice for celebrities, models, athletes, and those just trying to tone up and shed a few extra pounds.

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  2. Benefits of Training with a Water-filled Boxing Bag

    Benefits of Training with a Water-filled Boxing Bag

    Whether boxing is your sport of choice, or just a fun way to get your workout in, the benefits are the same across the board. Boxing does incredible things for you physically and mentally. Aside from an increase in overall athleticism, boxing is a great way to learn to defend yourself, increase full-body awareness, agility, coordination, and manage your daily stress in a healthy way.

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  3. Installation & Setup

    Installation & Setup

    A guide to explain the installation setup for your ATB and Sensor, and link it with your device. Better data, better workout and better you.

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  4. Revolutionize Your MMA Training With a Water Filled Heavy Bag

    Revolutionize Your MMA Training With a Water Filled Heavy Bag

    MMA is the melting pot of the fighting world, with techniques and moves borrowed from boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and others. To be a great MMA fighter, you need to master other forms of fighting first. It’s easy to forget that boxing is an essential training tool that can be used to become a real competitor in the MMA.

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  5. Muay Thai and Water-filled Heavy Bags

    Muay Thai and Water-filled Heavy Bags

    Accepted as the most effective striking art in the world, Muay Thai is a martial art form that utilizes not only your hands and feet, but your knees and elbows as well (some call it “The Art of Eight Limbs” because of this uniquity). Like boxing and MMA, Muay Thai is a full body workout that encompasses cardio, strength-training, and mental growth all into one fun and effective workout.

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