Knock it out, Right at Home. Shop the Home Starter PackKnock it out, Right at Home. Shop the Home Starter Pack

Get the At-Home Boxing Starter Pack

Now is the perfect time to kick off your fitness journey and start crushing your goals – right from the comfort of your own home! 

The Aqua Training Bag® Home Starter Pack comes equipped with everything you need* to complete intense workouts in your living room, basement, garage, or wherever you choose. The Home Starter Pack features a 15” 75lb punching bag, an Aqua Punching Bag Stand, the Aqua Training Bag Sensor, 180” Hand Wraps, and the Heavy Bag Hanging Kit - the only thing missing is your determination to challenge the fighter in you! What are you waiting for? Start getting fit right from your home today!

Add the items below to your cart and you will have everything you need to get started!

Aqua Training Bag

15" 75 lb / as low as $119.99

Sensor + App


Hanging Kit


Stand for Aqua Training Bag


180" Hand Wraps

180" Aqua Training Bag Hand Wraps for Boxing180" Aqua Training Bag Hand Wraps for Boxing

As low as $9.99

*You will still need boxing gloves. Bare knuckles are not recommended.

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