Aqua Training Bag Head Hunters – Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrids

Aqua Training Bag Head Hunters are a must for boxing gyms and home gyms worldwide. The slip ball punching bag hybrid allows you to practice slipping, movements and the timing necessary to defeat your opponent.

The small sizes allow you to put them in your home with ease. It is no wonder they are popping up in apartments, too, as there is little to no need to make any holes in your ceilings or walls to hang them. They have been known to easily hang on door way pull-up bars.

Head Hunter Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrids

9″ – 15 lbs. HeadHunter Training Bags

The 9” HeadHunter Training Bag is a great fit for at-home gyms. Compact, affordable, and effective, you can incorporate it into your routine and see results almost instantly.

12″ – 35 lbs. HeadHunter Training Bags

When you’re looking to make the next step up, the 12’ HeadHunter Training Bag is perfect. With a larger surface than the 9”, this bag can take your routine to the next level.