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When paired with the Aqua Training Bag®, the Aqua Training Bag Sensor gives you the most bang for each and every workout. Measure your progress over time, providing real-time data and transparency.

The Aqua Training Bag Sensor® works exclusively with 21", 18", or 15" Aqua Training Bags.

About This Product

Create a personalized profile, track your daily activity and your workouts, while the sensor provides real-time data to help you measure your speed, force, and progress over time.

Take Your Training To The Next Level

  • Link To Your Smartphone
  • Use With The App
  • Track Past Workouts
  • Store Your Personal Data

Round-By-Round Analytics

  • Punch Force
  • Hardest Punch
  • Punch Calorie Measurement
  • Punch Frequency

Personalized User Experience

  • Punch Power Threshold
  • Round Timer
  • Start/Stop Bell
  • Calorie Counter

How To Install Your Sensor

How To Setup Your Device

How To Link Your Sensor To Your Device

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