Aqua Punching Bags – Heavy Bag Replacements

Aqua Punching Bags have been replacing traditional bags in commercial boxing gyms, fitness gyms, and homes world wide! The water-filling and vinyl construction pair up to make an incredibly comfortable bag to hit. Giving you ability to blast them as hard as you can for much longer than a traditional bag – that is, if you have the stamina to outlast.

Best Heavy Bags for Fitness Gyms, Boxing Gyms, Group Boxing and Home Gyms

21″ – 190 lbs. Aqua Punching Bag

This is the beast, the largest bag we offer, the 21” Aqua Punching Bag is no joke. This Aqua Heavy Bag gives you the most space to work. So go ahead, throw or kick it however you like. This beast allows you to deliver knee or leg kicks with serious power, all without worrying about joint pain or durability and go ahead,.. uppercut this bag for days! For serious fighters, commercial gyms and group boxing classes, the 21” Aqua Training Bag is the very best option.

18″ – 120 lbs. Aqua Punching Bag

18″ Aqua Punching Bags are ideal for fighters of any level in training, for fitness enthusiasts and the one of the best heavy bags for commercial group boxing gyms. Aqua Punching Bags were created to be easier on wrists and joints and give you a more intense workout. The best of both worlds. This bag absorbs your punches and will increase your punching power. Is it ideal for practicing sharp and accurate strikes. Traditional bags just can’t compete. Can be used in home gyms for fitness as well, just as long as your heavy bag stand or ceiling can hold over 140lbs.

15″ – 75 lbs. Aqua Fitness Boxing Bag

The 15″ Aqua Fitness Boxing Bag is ideal for those of you who want to post up in your home but don’t have too much space to work with. You still want to get the most out of your workout and you can get that with this Aqua Training Bag! It is now available in every color Aqua Training bag has to offer – the only bag with this ability. This boxing bag will fit right in at home, and easily hang to ceilings, and most any heavy bag stand, as it is only 75 pounds when filled. It will dramatically improve your fitness, boxing and circuit workouts!