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9" 15 lb. Head Hunter Slip Ball - Blood Red

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A must-have Aqua Training Bag® for any fighter, this slip ball/punching bag hybrid lets you do it all. This is our smaller Head Hunter option – designed to be lighter, offer more swing, and have a tighter surface area to help you zero-in on your target. When practicing strikes, slips, and blocks, this is the bag you need.


(USA lower 48 only)

About This Product

A Must-Have in Every Fighter’s Arsenal

Take your training to the next level as you practice offense and defense with a single bag. This hybrid slip ball/punching bag has the energy absorption of all our Aqua Training Bags, but at a size and weight that lets you practice timing, accuracy, and movement.

Built to go round after round, this bag has the durability and heft to be able to take all your power punches, and the size to swing around to practice your speed and timing. Strike and dodge this head-sized bag anywhere — it’s waterproof, UV resistant, and safe for outdoor use. Want a lighter Head Hunter with a tighter surface area to strike and more movement? Grab our 9 inch, 15 pound bag. All bags come backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

The Power of H2O

Switch to the bag that lets you bring out your inner champion! The Aqua Training Bag® harnesses the power of water through simplicity and innovation with its modern technology and unique shape, size, and materials. By utilizing water in place of sand or other typical heavy bag contents, everyone from fitness beginners to professional fighters can experience cardio boxing without sacrificing power or risking potential injury from a hard spot. Who knew that dramatically enhancing your fitness strategy was only a few liters of water away?

Intense Workouts Anytime, Any Place

Taking an Aqua Training Bag with you to any training site is a breeze whether it’s full or empty, so you can work out in any place you desire. Use it anywhere — in your basement, garage, or even safely outdoors while the rain is pouring or the sun is gleaming, as its unique structure is waterproof and UV resistant. Fill and drain your bag in minutes, and spend more time cranking out those strikes that bring out the competitor in you!

Aqua Training Bags provide the perfect platform for everyone to challenge their inner fighter, no matter what their experience level is. Whether you’re a boxing veteran or world-class champ in the making, you’re sure to get closer to accomplishing your goals with an Aqua Training Bag — one punch, kick, and knockout at a time.


  • PUNCH WITH PRECISION — It’s not called “Head Hunter” for nothing. This head-sized slip ball lets you practice your technique and accuracy as you hunt it down while it moves. Let loose with a variety of strikes — its round shape lets you practice your jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and more.
  • SLIP, BLOCK, DODGE — The movement of the slip ball forces you to work on your head movement, footwork, speed, timing, and defense. Let it swing normally or have a trainer keep you guessing where it’s going to go next.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN ABSORBS STRIKES — Our water-filled bag absorbs your kinetic energy no matter you strike the bag. Help protect your hands and joints by switching to an Aqua Training Bag®.
  • BUILT TOUGH — Like all Aqua Training Bags, the Head Hunter was designed to be able to take any punch or kick, so give it all you’ve got! Made from thick-walled vinyl, it’s a strong, durable training tool that will last for years to come.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE — Small, waterproof, and UV-resistant, face off with your Head Hunter bag wherever you can find a spot to hang it. Move it inside, outside, wherever to switch up your routine and keep things interesting.

Head Hunter Slip Ball Details

  • What’s Included: Compressed Aqua Punching Bag, Shackle for Hanging, Hose-Filling Nozzle, Extra Stopper
  • What You Need: Water, Mounting System or Aqua Punching Bag Stand, Boxing Gloves/Hand Wraps, Determination!
  • Filled Weight: 15 lbs. / 6.8 kgs.
  • Filled Size: 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs. / 2.3 kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 17” x 10” x 10”
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for Outdoor Use
  • Made in the USA


1. Remove the valve plug with a Phillips head screwdriver.
2. Connect the hose-filling attachment to your hose.
3. Before starting the water, place the tip of the hose attachment into the hole of the Head Hunter Slip Ball.
4. When you have filled the desired amount of water, shut the water off and remove the hose attachment.
5. Place the valve plug back into the bag and tighten with the Phillips head screwdriver until snug.
6. Top off head with air using an air pump that has a needle.

How To Hang and Fill Your Bag

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.

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