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180" Hand Wraps - Bad Boy Blue (Marbled)

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Before you square up with an Aqua Training Bag, wrap your hands to protect your knuckles and wrists. Made of high-quality, semi-elastic cotton and spandex material, these 180” wraps come in a variety of styles and colors to make your statement.


(USA lower 48 only)

About This Product

Add Power and Protection to your Punches

Let’s get right to it: boxing gloves aren’t enough. When you’re throwing your weight behind a punch that throws your knuckles and wrist into a heavy bag, you’re risking serious injury without the right protection. These hand wraps provide the right length and materials for fighters of all styles to wrap their wrists, hands, and knuckles for safe, powerful strikes.

Made of high-quality, semi-elastic cotton and spandex material, they’ve got just the right amount of stretch and give. A thumb loop and hook-and-loop fastener enclosure make sure they stay on tight. After you’re done, throw them in the washing machine.


  • ROOM TO WRAP — 180” gives you plenty of room to make sure your entire hand and wrist is fully wrapped and protected. There are hundreds of ways to wrap your hands, and with this length, you’ve got enough material to find the style that’s best for you.
  • COLOR OPTIONS — When you buy your Aqua Training Bag, make sure you pick up of a pair of hand wraps. We’ve got a whole color lineup!
  • COMFORTABLE, QUALITY MATERIAL — The semi-elastic and spandex material gives you comfort and just the right amount of stretch you need in your hand wraps.
  • STAYS SECURE — The thumb loop makes sure the wrap stays secure from the moment you start wrapping. A hook-and-loop fastener enclosure makes sure the wrap stays secure through your fighting or training.
  • PROTECTION FOR LIFE — The best way to keep yourself safe and healthy for years to come is to wrap your hands for every training session and match. To help avoid broken bones, torn ligaments or nerve pain, make sure you stay protected with Aqua Training Bag hand wraps.

Hand Wrap Details:

  • Length: 180 inches
  • Material: semi-elastic cotton and spandex
  • Thumb loop and hook-and-loop fastener enclosure
  • Sold as a pair (2 wraps per order)
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a variety of style and color options
  • Aqua Training Bag logo is stitched to the outside of the wrap
  • Ideal for variety of fighting styles: MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing

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